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19"x24", oil on canvas


Mystery of painting. What makes me come back to another canvas I wonder? I still can't quite figure out
why I keep painting one after another. After finishing a painting, most of the time I doubt myself if I can come
up with another interesting painting or idea for the next one. As always I was banging my head against the wall
trying to squeeze out some ideas, harder I try my little brain seems to escape to the black hole, but sometimes
it comes back from this point of no return with some ideas. So this time I thought might be interesting to paint
subways. Most of the time when I start painting I'm not sure what to do at the beginning but as soon as i lay
down the initial drawing or color the painting start moving by itself. Seems like there is a lots of communications
going on between the painting and my brain. Still I don't understand how I always manage to finish paintings.
May be because of the mystery I end up with a new painting and new sensations that I love, so go back for
more again and again.
It never ends.



The painting has been varnished for protection.

Please note colors may vary from monitor to monitor due to individual settings.