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19"x24", oil on canvas


I was wondering how I would feel if I make a painting with same kind of design so started
this series of Metro paintings. I never made so called series paintings. After finishing this
piece I understood that to make a painting I had go through so many series of decisions,
I mean start from choice of designing, colors, values, strokes, textures and and lists goes
on every steps of the way till the end. So what I understood that if I make a different
decision the painting will have a different outcome and different feel to it. I know I started
similar design it came out different sets of sensations. I should have known and come to
think of it, once my master mentioned after he finished one of his piece and said " Let's
see how can I make a different piece from this!" I didn't quite understood what he meant
by that then but now I see it Daaaaa--- after so many years, at least I understood the
possibility of new paintings and there will be no end to it which is a good thing.




The painting has been varnished for protection.

Please note colors may vary from monitor to monitor due to individual settings.