Blue Warehouse

Blue Warehouse

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19"x24", oil on canvas

After 20 some years later I still had this image of the warehouse I stumble upon when I was walking around in the beach town. When I was standing in front of this blue warehouse I felt such a wonderful sensation of bliss. We every once in a while experience this unexplainable  sensation of happiness with no reason, lucky me, was this color of blue against mauve color of evening light or just evening air of the place I don't know but one thing for sure I was standing there enjoying the sensation of satisfaction being alive. To recaptured the moment I went back to the spot but unfortunately the warehouse wasn't there anymore due to new development or something, sad but can't stop the change of time. So I thought may be I can capture the sensation through my painting and painting from my memory and I only remembered only what was important for my painting like blue warehouse which actually had a lots of colors in it, transparent pink in the background and best of all the blue color of the air, soft lights hitting the side walk and oh I put a puppy for the scale. I needed lots of softness and brush strokes to balance out against lots of straight shapes in the picture. Painting from memory helps filter out unnecessary details remembering only essentials



The painting has been varnished for protection.

Please note colors may vary from monitor to monitor due to individual settings.