28.5"x30.5" oil on canvas

At the beginning I was very curious about how far I can simplify a painting but then soon I realized it was harder than I thought, yet what I found out was that I saw myself having a fun trying to make something excited about out of limited shapes. Like always, I had to either fake it or wing it till I make it but along the way I often come across with new colors, textures and so on. Lots of times I end up with unexpected paintings, this is what I would say you learn by doing it. This piece I really enjoyed coming up something interesting within limited shapes or areas of painting, I would say. One more thing I realized that it is easy to recognize a painting from a distance if it is painted in a simple way, which I have to think about. Someone said, how to enjoy a painting, first look at the painting from a distance, then stand in front of the painting then finally look at the painting really close, I mean REALLY close!




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