Spring On 3rd

 29"x29" oil on canvas


Since I started taking photos manually I realized something, for a long time I have forgotten how to see things around me. Being in my familier environment I somehow forgot to pay more attention to whatever comes into my line of sight. Staring at a window I was infatuated by this bouquet of flowers, the more I look the more I mesmerized by it. At first I thought how boring it was but by staring at it for a long time I was so infatuated by it, colors,shapes and textures. I could almost smell the scent from the street. Hard to explain but I loved it! Simply by changing my attitude, just strolling the neighborhood can be something special, best of all its free! 


#bouquetofflowers #window #infatuation #scentofflowers #allit'sintheseeing



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