Long Long Long Time Ago

Air travel must have been much much simpler back then compare to this modern days. I can imagine getting on an aircraft was such a big thing. Sight and sound of aircraft was so up close and personal while waiting for climbing up stairways for boarding. Walking the tarmac was almost like walking on a cloud already. Not being a frequent flyer I should be thankful as I can still get excited even way before my flight. Packing, heading to the airport, check-in and even long lines of TSA, I don't mind at all, the longer the line my excitement grows higher.  Then talking about snoop around restaurants and duty free shops, I just mousey on like a cow. That's why it takes such a long time to just get to my gate, and talking about actual flight experience, it's an another long story. I wonder what would be like if I could fly like back then, it must be the a real TRIP!


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