By Tomorrow Where Will You Be Cruising Flight740

29"x30.5" oil on canvas

I would like to share with you all about my flight experience last May 2019. My trip started from Los Angeles to Osaka Japan. I usually I take west bound but this time I took east bound as it took me more than 37 hours, I know it sounds crazy but I wanted be up in the air as long as possible, even I embraced the long line of TSA at the LAX and even planned that I will have enough time at the airside once I passed the passport control, I was already in the airside more than 3 hours prior to my departure. Wondering around like a sleep walker, I was already on could 9. Flight experience was way more better than I expected, seat was comfortable as I'm such a small guy, talking about Food, I had the best inflight dinner ever! The best experience of this flight from LAX to DOH was as I was stumbling down the aisle to the back of the plane where eight of flight attendants were congregating on their break and somehow I was start mingling with them, I still can't remember why this happened but I spent best next 20 minuets of a pow wow up in the air at the back end of the aircraft and in front of the bathrooms. So this 16 hours of my flight went so fast and comfortable. I won't mention about rest of this trip to Osaka as there were so many mishaps to tell so I would like to share with you at some other time.


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