A Morning Routine

29"x30.5" oil on canvas


Before I start this painting I had a pretty good idea how this piece would be like at the end. Well, I was so wrong this time. I never had a piece that went through so many changes along the way, the color of the wall I had change 4 or 5 times and further more I changed the color of the foreground 4 or 5 times. As you know if you change one thing you have to change another, I was pulling my hair out. Going to sleep thinking that everything seems coming together after so many changes but in the morning I was convinced somebody might have came in and changed the piece. I kept telling myself, What a .............! It is such a dilemma and painful to think I might have to change the colors AGAIN! Anyways, at the end I somehow managed to come up with sensation that I hoped for.

#shower #refresh #morningroutine #rainshower #simplicity 

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